Invest in GRIT Innolab AI Equity Arbitrage AIF
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Invest through the online form

If you want to invest in GRIT Innolab AI Equity Arbitrage AIF you can subscribe easily by filling out the online subscription form. Please select either the entities (institutions and companies) or individuals (persons) subscription form below

After the online subscription form has been submitted and signed digitally you will be contacted by e-mail within 24 hours by the onboarding team at GRIT Fund Management Company Ltd. They will help you in case of any missing information or attachments. The payment instructions as well as a copy of your subscription.

For companies

This form is for companies with a min. investment of EUR 100.000 and above.

For private

This form is for individual investors with a min. investment of EUR 100.000 and above.

Subscription form
risk confirmation
Subscription instructions and definitions
Subscription form
risk confirmation
Subscription instructions and definitions


New institutional investors (and other legal entities) must provide a certified copy of the certificate of incorporation (or similar documentation), not more than three months old, as well as a certified copy of the ID of the person(s) signing the account opening form.

If the name of the person signing does not appear in the certificate of incorporation, a power of attorney or an authorised list of signatories must also be provided.

Danish investors can obtain a complete company overview document with the Danish Business Authority’s signature at

Beneficial owners

When you subscribe on behalf of a legal entity, you must provide the name, date of birth and contact details of the natural person(s) who directly or indirectly, alone or together with close relatives, owns or controls more than 25 percent of the shares or voting rights of the legal entity, or who otherwise ultimately owns or controls the legal entity.


New private investors must provide proof of address e.g. utility bill or extract from the population register nor older than three months.

Your ID is verified through digital signing. 

Payment details

After completing the electronic form, please transfer the invested amount based on the information below:

GRIT Fund Management Company Ltd, Pitkäkatu 34 C, 65100 Vaasa, Finland.

IBAN number



The investor’s name, person/company ID and phone number shall be stated in the message field of the bank transfer.

Need help?

Please call or email Innolab if you need help filling out the subscription forms.

+45 60606020

+45 25556373