Investeringsproces med kunstig intelligens

After almost four years of development and testing, Innolab is ready to introduce a full-scale Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning investment platform.

Innolab offers the services to mutual funds and asset management companies.

All investment strategies are systematic in the analysis & research process, the security selection process, in the portfolio construction, the risk management and execution of transactions.

“We are looking for partners within the mutual fund and asset management industry that share our vision that Artificial Intelligence has the potential to transform the Asset Management industry in the years to come” says Partner and Board member Henrik Bak.

The company was founded by Peter Smedegaard in late 2015 and since then, the engineering team have developed multiple prediction engines/robots, which combined provide input to the portfolio management.

“We have decided to offer a 100% customized and flexible approach to our partners” says Peter Smedegaard, CEO of Innolab.