GRIT Innolab AI Equity ArbitrageVideo

Animation of the AI Equity Arbitrage Pair Strategy

The following animation visualize the Equity Arbitrage Pair Strategy that will be used in the GRIT Innolab AI Equity Arbitrage AIF in January 2021 with ISIN in the seed class: FI4000466586.

The strategy is 100% artificial intelligence driven and expected to generate returns in all market conditions: Upward, downward or sideway equity market movements.

The fund is available for professional and semi-professional investors and notified for marketing in Denmark, Finland and Sweden. The minimum amount for investing in the fund is €100.000

For more information about Innolab and subscribing to the fund, please visit fund launch section of the website here. For general inquiries please contact Peter Smedegaard at +45 60606020.