Artificial Intelligence Price Forecast (AIPF)

AI-based forecast and advisory tool

Innolab’s proprietary AI-driven market predictions are designed to deliver near-term price forecasting, guidance and insight.

The AI-engine is based on deep learning and includes 100 robots that have learned from market development and data since 1985.

Clients like asset managers, portfolio managers, researchers, traders, large companies can use AIFP to support their investment decisions. The signals are already being used to construct strategies by Innolab and partners.

The forecast

The forecasts are represented by a score from 0-100 and forecast the short-term price movement.

A score above 50 indicates a higher probability of price increase, whereas a score below 50 indicates a probability of even a price decline.

The forecasts include accuracy ratios, an easy and intuitive design including color ratings from buy to sell, watchlist and filtering.


Innolab cover equity and sector indices, government bonds and commodities.

  • +80 country and sector indices
  • +20 government bonds
  • +30 commodities
  • Single stocks will be added in Q4 2020.


The forecasts are delivered on a daily basis, via web or API and can become a fully integrated component of the client’s quantitative portfolio construction process.

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