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AI Investment Platform

Innolab is developing a new style of systematic investment strategies based on artificial intelligence and deep learning.

Innolab’s AI platform consists of different modules that span the entire investment process from data processing and cleansing, to asset price forecasting, to advise, to portfolio construction and risk management to trading and execution.

Each module contains several services and AI engines that can be used separately or composed into a customized solution.

Innolab’s strongest value proposition derive from the Research and Analysis Module (RAM) from the AI investment platform.

The engine extract non-linear hierarchical features from single stocks, equities, equity indices, commodities and fixed income which can be used to create many different types of investment advices and strategies.

The engines are based 100% on deep learning with no predefined rules and are all developed with a strong focus on robustness and generalizability.

All engines are deployed as autonomous systems that work around the clock, analyzing millions of data points each day.

Innolab constantly train the robots to improve their research ability and if needed Innolab can increase the number of robots.

The AI-powered platform gives a predictive edge on both risk and price. Embedded in the investment process, it can spearhead significant improvements in performance.

Artificial intelligence-based investment strategies

Innolab’s asset management strategies are based on the philosophy that the products must be Simple Outside while understanding that it is Complex Inside.

All products have the following characteristics:

  • The investment decisions are based 100% on artificial intelligence and deep learning.
  • The product development process combines artificial intelligence, input from investment professionals and client demands.
  • The execution and trading are based on straight through processing, algorithms and oversight from outsourced trading experts.
  • The risk management combines artificial intelligence, machine learning and input from investment professionals.
  • The investment strategies are structured based on return and risk.


Innolab’s investment solutions and services to clients

The research and forecast ability can be utilized in the asset management process, advisory process and various trading and research functions.

Innolab deliver two types of services:

  • Artificial intelligence-based investment strategies
  • Artificial intelligence-based forecast and advisory tool

Deep learning seeks to uncover tendencies in historical data more efficiently than could be done by humans. These techniques can uncover robust and statistically significant patterns that would have been entirely impossible for a human being to uncover.

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