About Innolab

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Who we are

Innolab is an advisor to mutual funds and asset management companies based on deep learning research, with an ambition to deliver stable, robust and attractive investment strategies, that are robotically controlled in the analysis & research, security selection and trading processes.

We partner with mutual funds and asset managers globally to enhance existing strategies or develop customized differentiated AI investment products.

With our engineers we have trained non human forecasters, that work as one investment advisor to mutual funds and institutional investors .

The company was founded in 2015 with experienced artificial intelligence engineers with a proven track record and patents within the areas of machine learning, signal & pattern processing as well as data noise reduction.

The engineers have worked together the past 10+ years using machine learning and sensors in oil sector with highly successful project. The focus has been on building robust models that has been deeply tested and will deliver in the long run.  

We can provide 100% customized strategies within pure equity, equity index, commodity and fixed income strategies, long only strategies and long/short strategies. 

Our management team

Peter Smedegaard


Jimmy Kjærsgaard

Co-founder – ai lead developer

Mathias Francke

co-founder – senior ai developer

Our board of directors

Søren Smedegaard


Henrik Bak

VICE chairman OF the BOARD

Finn Peder Hove

Board member

Benefits from AI investment


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