About Innolab

The story behind Innolab

Innolab is a Copenhagen based fin-tech company from 2015 utilizing artificial intelligence and deep learning to develop niche investment solutions and investment advisory tools.

Our vision is to deliver value for money to the investment advisory and management industry by:

improving the long-term relation between return and risk

continuous improvement of the fee structure

simple and transparent investment strategies

We strongly believe that investment models based on machine learning and artificial intelligence can improve the long term investment decision-making and deliver better outcomes to investors.

Such models reduce the subjectivity and the risk of emotional bias and allow us to develop structured, disciplined and systematic investment strategies.
We offer asset managers that partner with us the following :
Instead of hiring a team Innolab can provide 
  • a 100% AI driven research and portfolio construction in all asset classes and across asset classes 
  • a hedged pure alpha strategy or 
  • a long only benchmarked strategy

all with no front loaded investment team cost. Your cost as our partner is related to the succes of the investment strategy.

Innolab is far from high-frequency but we are sampling data, adjusting signals and return forecasts continuously, 24 hours a day for most asset classes in the world.

All investment models are deployed in a highly-resilient, scalable, zero-downtime environment in the cloud.

Innolab’s asset management strategies are based on the philosophy that the products must be simple outside while understanding that it is complex inside.

All asset management strategies have the following characteristics:

  • The product development process combines artificial intelligence, input from investment professionals and client demands.
  • The investment decisions are based 100% on artificial intelligence and deep learning.
  • The execution and trading are based on straight through processing, algorithms and oversight from outsourced trading experts.
  • The risk management combines artificial intelligence, machine learning and initial input from investment professionals.

All investment models are rigorously tested and robustness is our first priority. With AI embedded in the investment process you can spearhead significant improvements in returns.

Jimmy Kjærsgaard-Rasmussen

partner and lead AI ENGINEER

Innolab focuses the resources in the company on artificial intelligence and deep learning forecasting with a clear understanding of the market and client demands. All fund and portfolio administration are outsourced.

The engineers high level of experience in machine learning combined with 40 years of management experience in the investment industry creates a sound balance in the company. Previously the engineering team worked in the oil drilling sector for more than 10 years developing machine learning algorithms.

The daily team

The daily team consist of AI engineers combined with experienced management from the investment industry which give us the right blend of AI and human intuition.

Peter Smedegaard

Partner and founder and experienced entrepreneur. Expert in IT development. Creative thinker, innovator and life-long student of disruption. Substantial experience systematic investment strategies.

Henrik Bak

Close to 40 years of experience in the investments industry. Head of Clients and Institutional Business at Danske Bank/ Danske Capital from 2005 to 2017. Prior to that he held a number of management positions at Nordea Investment Management and Nordea Securities.

Jimmy Kjærsgaard

Partner and co-founder with a M.Sc. in Applied Physics and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). 12+ years of R&D experience developing machine learning models. Several patents taken. Strong focus on building robust models that has been deeply tested and will deliver in the long run.

Mathias Francke

Partner and co-founder with a M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics. +12 years of R&D experience and a highly skilled programmer and expert data scientist and team player. Several patents taken.

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The board of directors

The board of directors and has great asset management and IT experience combined with extensive business development skills.

Peter Smedegaard
Henrik Bak
Søren Smedegaard


Finn Peder Hove



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